hughes-2-50pct-zoomHi! I’m Brian! Welcome to my blog. This is going to be a space where I can jot down my thoughts and brainstorm interesting topics and technology. During the day, I’m the Director of Weather Information and Technology Solutions (WITS! Yes, I came from NOAA and we were acronym crazy) at Unisys Corporation, Federal Systems. Not during the day, I’m a Myers Briggs ENFP, dad, husband, stepdad, dogdad and catdad who loves the intersection of weather and technology. “Nerd!!” You’ll also find me somewhere near the water, either along the ocean, bays, or the rivers in the Shenandoah Valley. Any other time, I’ll be eating chicken wings and doing 12oz curls (which I need to cut back on, but hey YOLO right?!?) I’m in Lancaster, PA where I commute to Malvern, PA and lived in Reston, VA; Ocean Pines, MD; Eldersburg, MD; Alexandria, VA; all the way back to my childhood home just outside of Baltimore, MD (crabs, Old Bay, football, lemon sticks, and snowballs).

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