“On This Day”

So Facebook has a cute little feature (probably lifted from the “Timehop” app) where you get to browse your posts from any single day a year, 2, all the way back to when you first joined Facebook. It’s fun, and it reminds me of my ex’es but also gives me glimpses into when my kids were still in diapers.

Today, June 29th, we look back 5 years ago to “The Derecho” that swept across the Mid-Atlantic. I was living in Northern Virginia (Reston) at the time, and what I remember from it is that it knocked out Amazon’s East Coast data center and brought some websites and apps offline. Here’s the Unisys radar base reflectivity mosaic of the storm:



Author: Brian Hughes

Program and project manager, meteorologist and technical team leader with experience in both the Federal Government and private sector including mission critical environmental satellite and weather operations, project and program management, technical proposal development, business operations, finance, user services and help desk management, data and product operations management, and global meteorological analysis and hazard mitigation. My objectives are to provide scientific, technical and leadership support in a team environment for sustainment and development of operations, requirements, data analysis and customer interfaces. My goals are to lead projects that will enable the seamless integration of environmental awareness information and decision support knowledge (atmosphere, water, land, space, climate) through innovative development including mobile applications, big data analytics, smart sensors, SOA, and cloud computing. Not during the day, I’m a Myers Briggs ENFP, dad, husband, stepdad, dogdad and catdad who loves the intersection of weather and technology. “Nerd!!” You’ll also find me somewhere near the water, either along the ocean, bays, or the rivers in the Shenandoah Valley. Any other time, I’ll be eating chicken wings and doing 12oz curls (which I need to cut back on, but hey YOLO right?!?) I’m in Lancaster, PA where I commute to Malvern, PA and lived in Reston, VA; Ocean Pines, MD; Eldersburg, MD; Alexandria, VA; all the way back to my childhood home just outside of Baltimore, MD (crabs, Old Bay, football, lemon sticks, and snowballs).

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